Xmas market Sibiu 2015

This weekend we had the grand opening of the 2015 Sibiu Xmas Market. 20151121_175226

It was quite crowded and had the typical Christmasy joyfully and cheery mood .

The traditional sweets and all things present, in one word everything was as expected .

One thing still missing, we had around  + 14 degrees Celsius. Somehow , at least for me , this warm weather is not matching with the winter holidays.

Further below the link to the official website of the event where you can see live images.

Xmas market Sibiu 2015  – http://targuldecraciun.ro/webcam/

Somehow this year it started at + 14 degrees Celsius, funny thing is that 2 days later it was snowing all day long.

Anyhow , check out the images from the Xmas Market 2015 and if you are in the mood it is worth to drop by. Today we have about 1-2 degrees Celsius, so even the weather is playing along.








Too old for this

Maybe I am getting too old for this ….

What is all the fuss about …I am noticing surprised that my little homepage is getting a lot of attention and visitors from all over the world.

Thank you all for your interest and for visiting my homepage.

The visits mean a lot to me and I am glad and happy to post even more interesting content.

I would also appreciate a comment, like or a feedback from anyone.

On the other hand I can not understand the intent and motivation of some visitors with way too much spare time to hack the site and to try to take it down.

Maybe up to certain point I really understand that you have to try your limits and there is no other better “target” than some obscure site way over far away from your home.

The script kiddies have also to do their best and download scripts from where ever they can and try them out. I can understand this ….too much free time on their plate and why not try something out like taking down a website somewhere.

Again , maybe I am too old for this kind of things but come one we are having late 2015 , we live in an time where more and more surveillance and tracking is in place from different organisations , states and private companies.

The belief that in our days you can do things on-line without any traces is an illusion. To the ones that still believe that the internet is a free place and that nobody sees what you do I can only say sweet dreams.

To wrap this up , I am very pleased to have more and more visitors that are browsing my little homepage. Thank you all for the visit and please come back again if you liked my posts.

To the other visitors that have way too much spare time on their plate , I am highly amused that you considered my obscure website for your actions. Thank you also for giving me the opportunity to get better in administering my website.

I am looking forward for comments, likes or any feedback from anyone who wants to say something.

Cibinfest aka Oktoberfest 2015 Sibiu

As last year Cibinfest has just started.

This year in Sibiu in Piata Mare we will have the Oktoberfest Sibiu style – Cibinfest

24.09.2015 – 27.09.2015 Cibinfest in Piata Mare in Sibiu

Check out the website www.cibinfest.ro a great and nice website that makes appetite for beer, Bratwurst and fun.

For last years postings check this and this


A laid back saturday…

Last Saturday we had a very warm mid/late September day. We had over 30 degrees Celsius at noon.

Even today it is not that bad, but it is no way near the 30 + Celsius.

Because of the nice weather I thought that enjoy it while it lasts, I guess that was the last hot autumn day for 2015.

I had a laid back walk and a nice lunch in the city.

20150919_131830 20150919_124216