Friday morning coffee @ Mojo Sibiu

It is cloudy with high chance of rain…so to have a better Friday morning I had my morning coffee at Mojo.
Mojo is nice cosy coffee place with a nice atmosphere even in the morning 10.15 am. 
More details about Mojo you can find here, herehere or on Google by googling “Mojo Sibiu”
You’ll find out it is a chic little place where you can have a nice time.

Ok , enough about the the coffee place.  
Yes I know …what am I doing so early at a coffee place…I just felt like going there….
I know , like I said also in one of my previous posts I am 40 and sometimes I can not explain why I do certain things, I just did it because I felt like it.  I must admit it felt really good , I was there had a coffee and a fresh juice …..and it was NICE.
I am not trying to show off or to lecture anybody with what I did, I can only say for me it was great. 
Actually why not , from time to time everybody should take some time and enjoy the day and forget about everything. 
During my return to my car I noticed that soon in Sibiu the yearly Oktoberfest / Cibinfest will start. More about that and pictures in the next post.

Change or not to change ?

When companies change their executives / senior management the ideal profile is depicted in the “famous” job profile.  In this document the HR responsible usually with help of the stakeholders ( Shareholders, Board of Directors, CEO, Consultants, etc.) do their best to describe the ideal profile for the vacant job.

Funny thing though , the described profile is something that the specific organization would like to have, or let me say it differently , it is something that is nice to have …..

Let’s assume that the recruiting , through own resources or through external help (recruiting companies), runs smoothly and you get almost a perfect match to the described and documented ideal profile.

From here on the adventure starts and a very big question is starting to be more and more visible.

Is the organization ready to receive the almost perfect match ? 
Are they ready to adjust to the new person coming in ?
Are they ready for the change ? 

If you talk to each and every stakeholder they will say that yes they want the new guy…but are they ready for the change and what this change will imply ?

People are different from each other therefore it is more than obvious that the new guy coming in will have his/ her own view on the organization and thus the change.

Usually this topic is solved through induction days/ programs that should help to adjust to the new organisation easy and quickly. Here usually HR is the main contact.

Coming back to the change ….What do you do in case of executives / senior management ?

For executives / senior managers change management is or at least should be part of their leadership ability. Leadership can be traced back to results and results are most of the time benchmarked against targets.

A successful organization should have clear vision , mission , values statements that again are part of the strategic management of any organization.

So coming back to  executives / senior managers and change … is only fair to say that executives / senior managers must be strategic management savvy.

Well seasoned managers with experience in several areas are needed to have an successful organization. This kind of managers have a strong personality and character and are not very easy to handle.

Therefore the organization must adjust in order to be successful or can choose not to adjust and take the risk that the new hired executive / senior manager will not fit in and eventually leave the organization.

What is more costly ? To change or not to change ?

Sibiu Bookfest 2014

This Sunday Bookfest 2014 in Sibiu….nice weather, nice books and a nice setup of the event. 
There have been some nice books and some nice music ..CDs, DVDs, BDs, etc.

The organizers placed also some banners with old advertising ideas. 
Most of those products are long time gone….
MiniMobra, Flaro pens, AlbaLux, etc ….brands that existed and no more …a short trip down memory lane…

My first post

I know it sounds very cheesy… “my first blog” ….but it actually is my first blog attempt.

I thought what can go wrong….I’ll try an go all social …with all kind of social networks and stuff.

So I think I will most probably do all kind of mistakes regarding blogging but …I’ll do my best.

So here I am staring at the blank screen and …
Yep, it is not easy to write just like that ….more what you write must make sense and be logical for an outsider that has no clue of what you where thinking.

I have just turned 40 and can to the conclusion that …I have something to say ….
I do not know from where I got this sudden “something to say”.. maybe it has something to do with my age 🙂

Anyhow, I got pretty much involved in all this social media….and am trying to understand what and how this things can help me out. I have found out that there are really a LOT of social media websites and web services. I’ll take this one at the time and hope that I’ll improve over time.

I am going to try to do my best to understand all this social media , how it works , what is the targeted audience , what are the best features, etc . Maybe my future posts will be of some interest to someone….if not… I got my something to say cleared out of the way.