Morning coffee or the power of habit

Today I have decided to do something I have not done for a while, I went to have a coffee by my own at espressee.wpid-20150911_105314.jpg


Looking at the coffee that I’ve ordered I asked myself why did I dropped this morning coffee ?

What happened that made me give this up ?


Well, I guess it happened because the human being tends to make it’s life easy and avoid unnecessary effort.I guess I gave it up because it was some kind of an effort to me I needed to go there , I was thrown of track from other older habits.It was much easier to give it up rather to stick to the outside morning coffee.

The question is now , how can this little story be translated into the business world ? What I have concluded out of this little story is that going the extra mile is always worth the effort.

Do not go out of the way of new challenges, even though the old way of doing things is easier and you feel more comfortable with.Stand out of the crowd by thinking out of the box and get creative, get innovative. This is the only way you can stand out from other businesses that compete with you in the same market.

Establish a challenging new innovative strategy for you and your business and do not let old habits ( always ) win.Old habits tend to be the governing force that dictates what we do, sometimes it is worthwhile to fight against them.

Actually the fight is you vs. YOU.  Where YOU have to win all the time.

So don’t be a looser , be a winner and fight the inner you.