Change ….how much ?

Change …how much ? How far should you go ? 

Recently I have posted some thoughts about change in the case of senior management / executives.

Fact is that the posting ended with the dilemma “To change or not to change ?

This dilemma is valid for the individual and also for the organisation .

Change …how much ?

It is a known fact that when you enter a new organisation you have to go through a “accommodation” with each other. In this important period is all about positioning and getting to know everybody and everything. 
Now certain “surprises” start to show up from both sides , you and the organisation,  Certain things start to show up not as presented. 
In this case the first compromises starting to take shape….what should you do ? 
Up to a certain degree it is expected to adapt to the new environment and to cope with it. 
Now coming back with the senior management / executive aspect, the guy was hired because of the fact that some change was needed. 
Important to mention that the guy was hired by stakeholders that are part of the existing organisation and that have the means to evaluate and judge the newcomer….
The newcomer has, according to my understanding,  two options:
Change / adjust and give up part of who you are 
Fight  and do not get assimilated ( remember Star Trek Borg 🙂 ) try to make a change , try to make a difference. 
None of the mentioned options are good or bad, it is matter of what you should choose best. 
If you are choosing the first option , change / adjust and try to make out of the trenches some small changes and get set with small but many victories. 
Fact though if you try to change / adjust you will be scrutinized by the ones that choose you as a senior manager / executive for their organization . 
During this change / adjustment hope that you not loose on the way the skills, aspects that made you appreciated by the organisation.  
If you decide that you are here to fight and trying to make a change , it is perfectly OK , but fight until when ? 
You might get labeled during the fight as not able to integrate into the organisation. 
What is actually the proper / better way ?  Change / adjust and give up on yourself or fight it through but taking the risk of being labeled as unfit by the stakeholders ? 

Change ? How much is enough not to give up on yourself and still to get your recognition as a senior manager / executive in the specific role / organisation ?