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The summary of my published research papers can be found at the links below: 


Research paper : Management Accounting as a Knowledge Based Organization Value Driver for the 21 st Century Business

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A published paper on management accounting and knowledge based organizations can be found here on


The 21st century information and information technology revolution has made its mark on classical business functions like business support services. Management accounting, a still young business activity has transformed from reactive cost determination focus to proactive value creating and considerate resource business driver. Management accounting is on the way to asserting itself as a proactive business value driver for the modern 21st century business organizations. The present paper is presenting the arguments that support the transformation of management accounting from the “bean counter” score keeping role to value driver supported by knowledge, the prime commodity of the 21st century business environment. Management accounting is the business partner that delivers reliable and accurate data and information for the business decision process that is more and more influenced globalization, internationalization and accelerating and dynamic markets. Can modern companies afford to disregard the dormant value drivers from within their own business organization?

Research Papers 2016

Last year I have published some academic research papers. The links and the abstracts to the research papers can be found further below.

Value theory and value – based management 

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The main economic purpose of a business organisation is to create value for its owner. The value concept is a complex notion that has developed alongside human history and reflects the concerns of human society through time. As a result of the value theory, the management of value has also emerged as an essential and accompanying activity. Value-based management emerged as a management philosophy rather than a management method. It consists of a change in mindset from managing resources or output quantities to value creation. The challenge is to identify or create the value flows and act upon these within the specific business organisation to have proper value management. Value creation and value management will define the business organisations in the economy of the 21 st century, which is governed by knowledge and information. The present paper focuses on the history and development of the value concept and the history and development of the management of value through value-based management.



Outsourcing CFO activities as a competitive advantage 

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Traditionally companies focus on their core competencies when talking about efficiency and increase in performance. To achieve a certain aid of performance and make resources and knowledge available companies turn to outsourcing in traditional form and to strategic knowledge outsourcing. Can the support services / non–core activities be a successful driver of innovation through outsourcing? This paper is trying to show that the outsourcing of non-core activities can be a driver and alternative towards innovation and competitive advantage that can make a difference in the today’s complex globalised markets




Empirical approach to knowledge, knowledge economy and knowledge based organisations ( page 209 )

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Since the very early stages of human development knowledge, knowledge management have made a difference in who is prevailing and who is not. Driven by the information technology revolution of the 20st century knowledge and especially knowledge management within the establishing knowledge society and knowledge based economies have kicked off a major transformation of classical economical concepts. Economists started to rethink and transform the classical resource based economic theory towards information and knowledge based economy. The 21st century is dominated by the most effervescent transformations of human society. Information and information management through information technology has changed the way business organizations are developing and act and react to the globalized market and competition. The key to success is rapid assimilation and management of information and development through proper usage of accumulated knowledge that is leveraged by increased amounts of new information. There is a decisive transition from the classical economy of the 20st century based on resources towards the next level of economic evolution, towards knowledge based economy. In a knowledge based economy the main commodity is information and knowledge, the classical economy is only a subsequent result of the proper management of knowledge. The key defining concepts of the 21st century are information and knowledge that have had a major impact on business organizations all over the world. Business organizations have to redefine their strategies and their values in order to assure their competitive advantage in the increasing fast moving global market place

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